Gregory Fallis is a Tulsa native. Beginning his study of music at the age of eight, Greg’s first instruments were the drum set, piano and guitar. When he entered high school at the age of fourteen, his music teacher suggested he play the trombone. Although initially reluctant, after a few months on the instrument he began to enjoy it, and would mow his music teacher’s lawn in exchange for lessons. The same year, Greg happened upon J.J. Johnson’s album “Proof Positive”. He fell in love with the instrument and the music, and never looked back.

Gregory Fallis’s study of music at Tulsa School of Arts & Sciences gave him a strong foundation in improvisation and jazz styles. He began playing his first gigs in his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma at the age of sixteen. He and some buddies from school formed a combo that got together to play jazz standards at a barbecue joint called Elmer’s on Saturday nights. In return, they earned tips, a heaping platter of barbecue, and experience that would help Greg grow as a performer immensely through those formative years. 

After high school, Greg accepted a full-tuition music scholarship to the University of Tulsa where he earned a Bachelor of Music Education degree. By studying at an urban university, he had ample opportunity to grow as a performer. Throughout college, Greg played in big bands, orchestras, salsa bands, hip hop groups, funk, and Afrobeat bands. His performance history has given him experience in a wide variety of musical styles, and an ability to adapt in any musical setting.

Upon completing his studies in Tulsa, Greg accepted a Graduate Teaching Assistantship at the University of Memphis. In Memphis, he earned a Master’s Degree in Jazz Studies in the summer of 2019. While in school, Greg was working as adjunct faculty at Arkansas State University Mid-South, an instructor at the Stax Music Academy, and gigging regularly. In the final semester of his studies, Greg Fallis accepted a position with The World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra. He finished the Master’s Degree online while on the road with the band. He played 2ndtrombone and did a good deal of solo work for the band, which he toured with full-time from January to July 2019. 

After touring with The Glenn Miller Orchestra, Greg went to study music in New Orleans for a year. As of 2021, he lives, teaches, and performs in his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Greg performs frequently as a band leader and freelance artist in the region. He released his debut EP, ‘Across Town’, in fall of 2019, which was inspired by the music of New Orleans. Having soaked up some of the music and traitions of the Big Easy, he is now beginning to launch his career as a recording and performing artist in Oklahoma.


Gregory Fallis & The Green Horns Performing for Tulsa Botanic Garden’s Bands & Blooms.
The Green Horns
Performing with The Temptations in Memphis, TN
Performing Bernstein’s Preludes, Fugues and Riffs with the University of Memphis Wind Ensemble
Performing with Count Tutu in Tulsa, OK
Performing with Hope Clayburn’s Soul Scrimmage in Memphis, TN
Performing with Mezclave in Tulsa, OK
Performing with Mighty Souls Brass Band in Memphis, TN
Performing at the Shrine in Tulsa, OK
Performing with Hope Clayburn’s Soul Scrimmage